One of the first questions painting contractors ask about a project is whether it is a residence or a business. For them, residential and commercial painting projects differ from one another in a number of ways. However, for home and business owners, the initial phase of a painting project oftentimes involves having many of the same questions and concerns.  

For starters, they both will want to know when is the best time to paint the exterior of their home or business. The answer is: early summer to early fall. This seasonal window usually offers the best weather conditions, such as little rain and minimal fluctuations in temperature from day to night. Sustaining the right temperature ensures that the paint will go on smoothly and have the best chance of drying and curing properly. 

Now summer and fall may be the ideal seasons to paint a structure’s exterior but they may not be the most convenient time to hire a contractor due to overbooking or it being a busy time of year for you. For this reason you may be tempted to schedule your exterior paint job in the winter, but be warned. Any extreme weather will compromise your results or prolong the project. As paint is best applied under certain conditions (low humidity, temperature between 35ºF to 85ºF), weather fluctuations in the form of rain, snow or wind will create problems for you. Additionally, winter means shorter days, so a painter will have less daylight to do their job.

Winter weather, of course, is only an obstacle if you are painting outdoors.  For indoor painting, the season can be a good time. Aside from taking advantage of a contractor’s slow season and possibly getting a better rate, interior painting during the winter can be beneficial when you have control over the interior’s climate by adjusting the temperature, humidity, and lighting. To offset the tendency of owners to open up windows and doors to let fresh air in, make sure your contractor is using low-VOC (volatile organic compounds) paints to ensure safety and minimize fumes. 

Regardless of the season, if you do not choose the right painting contractor and high-quality paint for your home or business, you will not have successful results. Professional painters have the best tools and techniques to do the job in a timely manner with precision and perfection. They will also use quality paint that is best suited for your space and improve your interior space for years to come. Additionally, a professional will ensure you have clean lines, little mess, and ultimately bring value to your property.

Before hiring a professional painting contractor, be sure they are properly staffed, experienced, and ultimately look out for your best interest. Great questions to ask are: What are your credentials? Are you licensed, bonded, and insured? References?  Doing your due diligence will save you the headache down the road, and pay you back 10x long after the paint job is complete. 

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