Canvas Material

Canvas Material

When you need a reliable outlet for canvas material, consider shopping online at Canvas Etc. Affordable prices and quality materials are two hallmarks of our success when it comes to meeting the needs of our customers. You’ll find many reasons to return to our canvas store after making an initial purchase from us; bookmark our website for convenience and visit us often when you’re looking for materials that are hard to source from other suppliers. If you have questions, use our Web text form to get a message to us quickly or call Canvas Etc at 404-514-7166.

7 Best-Selling Canvas Materials We Carry At Canvas Etc

1. One of our most popular plain-woven fabric materials is our #1 Cotton Duck Canvas Fabric. Purchase our heavyweight Duck by the yard; choose from 42” or 48” width. This product is excellent for tool bags, painters’ bags, and many other projects, as well.

2. Acrylic coated awning fabric at Canvas Etc costs just $16 per linear yard- it’s exactly what you need to provide a cool, shady oasis at your place of business or home. Wash regularly with mild soap and water to keep this fabric looking great throughout the year.

3. If you’re in search of a canvas fabric for sale to protect your boat, check out our Boat Cover Canvas exclusively designed for your purposes. A very popular product on our website, Sunforger Canvas is perfect for covering and protecting boats and for yurts, tipi projects, wall tents, ground cloth, bedrolls, and many other uses.

4. Check out our Twill Fabric when you need ro order canvas online. Poly Cotton Twill is a type of canvas material that has been pre-shrunk and is quite useful for making aprons, bags, smocks, chef hats, upholstery, and tabel linens.

5. Have you been searching for affordably priced Bull Denim? You’ll absolutely love our Bull Denim fabric, available in many different colors and guaranteed to be sturgy and tough. Construction of our Bull Denim consists of 3 warp threads for every 1 weft thread- super heavy duty for projects like home décor and upholstering.

6. Buy canvas fabric that’s been waxed on our website by selecting Waxed Army Duck in a rainbow of colors. Our 5-star rated waxed canvas fabric costs only $25.10 per linear yard and has been treated with multiple grades and qualities of waxes to stay flexible at cold temperatures and provide exceptional water repellant qualities.

7. Do you need something that will hold up under extreme conditions? Try our Military Spec materials, including MIL-C 43627 D Army Duck, finished to provide water, weather, and mildew resistance.

Always check with us first when you’re seeking canvas material for a home or workplace project and you want a fabric that won’t disappoint. We have one of the best online selections of canvas material, heavy duty tarps, and fabrics for every need. Look over our automatic fabric cutting services and custom fabric printing, as well, while you’re on our site. Shop now and save on all of our canvas fabrics.

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