Office Building Painters Lima OH

Office Building Painters Lima OH

Research shows that clients make a subconscious judgment of a product or business within ninety seconds of viewing. More importantly, they base their assessment on the color. Fifty-two percent of shoppers do not continue to explore the store if they do not like the aesthetics. The statistics went further to prove that high-quality paint was essential to the brand’s impression on onlookers.

The most successful small and large businesses match their image with their brand, as is evident with Microsoft and Apple throughout their journey to the top. The right colors and designs influence the message to portray professional cohesion and set you apart from competitors. This principle is essential for all types of buildings, including the factory, retail complex, or multi-family housing. Office building painters in Lima OH can help you create an outstanding public persona and inviting environment.

Benefits of painting the office building

Proof of excellence

All business renters want to have smooth relations with the property management team. A commercial complex that looks chipper will attract clients who are confident with the management’s work. A clean facility indicates that the maintenance team has a consistent schedule of checkups, repairs and cleaning, and a keen supervisory team.

Additional and consistent tenants

Commercial lessees feel that a battered building sends the wrong message to its clients. Residential tenants are comfortable with well-maintained housing because it represents an elevated lifestyle. You are less likely to lose tenants because they do not like walking into and working in your safe and clean building complex.

Additionally, businesses will attract a healthy of clients who appreciate the location of their preferred service or product provider. They will want to maintain their spot to attract more clients to help with the business.

Protection of property

Paint serves to protect the building against UV and weather damage. It stands as a sacrificial layer against snow, rain, sun, and the wind. It is, therefore, crucial in preventing the fast deceleration of wood components and joints within the building.

What is the cost of painting an office building?

Skilled professional exterior painters can charge an average of $2500 for a medium-sized one-story home. This hard estimate does not always reflect the actual status of all building sizes. Some will cost more because they have complex structures. Beware of office building painters in Lima OH who offer much lower quotes because they will deliver inferior paints.

Another formula for estimating a paint job’s pricing is calculating the number of gallons necessary for the project. Most painters charge between $25 and $40 for each gallon used. One gallon can paint three hundred square feet of a smooth surface and four hundred square feet of a rough surface.

The final amount will include the purchase of materials like the primer and finish and the labor force of the painter. Most painters work eight workers a day but will adjust the schedule to fit the client’s preferred timeframe.  The painter’s payroll will be a multiplication of the hourly pay rate with the number of hours spent to prep, prime, and paint the surface.


Office Building Painters Lima OH

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Office Building Painters Lima OH

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